Similar To Aircraft Cruises

Similar To Aircraft Cruises – This medium-sized cruise ship design is attractive to the general public due to its airplane-like shape. Apart from that what are the features?

This cruise ship is considered as a merger of air and sea transportation. The Italian shipyard, Codecasa, is launching this new concept.

Codecasa Jet 2020, its name, this superyacht has a length of 70 meters. Shaped like a floating jumbo plane.

Designed solely by the owner, Fulvio Codecasa, Codecasa Jet 2020 has many features and facilities in it. Part of this cruise ship bridge resembles the nose of an airplane, yes like the cockpit space.

Similar To Aircraft Cruises

Codecasa has a goal to create new trends in the cruise ship industry. This ship can later be used for sunbathing, swimming, skylounge, to the gym.

The Superyacht Codecasa Jet 2020 will be equipped with a typical RAC aircraft AWACS system, according to a statement. That refers to the Airborne Warning And Control System long-range radar that is often used for military operations.

There is also a helipad on the stern that is large enough to accommodate medium to large helicopters, and there is a pilot house and captain cabin. Technical specifications and prices have not been confirmed to date.

The process of building the Codecasa Jet 2020 is likely to begin later this year. The shipyard hopes that the ship will become the flagship Codecasa, which was founded by Giovanni Battista Codecasa in 1825. Agen Ceme Online

Unconventional concepts are things that designers and shipyard owners have always dreamed of. In 2019, naval architect Elena Nappi had a hybrid cruise ship design that could turn into a submarine.

There is also the Lateral Naval Architects who announced plans to develop the world’s first hydrogen-powered superyacht. The Italian design studio, Officina Armare. Is currently working on megyachts inspired by military ships and spacecraft.

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